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Quality Policy

Ensuring towards the better quality of product, service and happiness of our patrons, Western Group brings up a palatial assortments of condominiums that completes the quality standard policies.

Enhance improvements in every task and maintain consistent quality that integrates to company terms, legal requirements as well as meets the client's documented and implied expectations in terms of technical, budget and time compliance.

We develop an efficient and effective quality system with best practices in our construction projects. A system that ensures the construction quality is consistent, as well as helps to reduce wastage in all our construction phases.


We at Western Group believe that interior styling of the home is every bit vital to the end user as it is to us. We take a conscious decision to allow customization internally to keep our customer proud of their possession and of their trust in us.

We primarily understand and consort the dictum that "if customer is happy, then company grows healthy". Our complete effort is to keep our patrons happy with our intellectually and highly scientific crafted homes. We are absolutely committed in providing exceptional personal service to our clients.

We take our clients to different approach of investment with our dedicated, experienced and skilled team who are always in an aim to find solutions for tomorrow's world.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority and we are always willing to walk an extra mile for that.