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A team known for their excellent leadership and proficiency, have contributed the best design to the real estate industry in the past projects. Their professionalism in thoughts and work have designed new benchmarks and helped Western Group to grow boundlessly.

Western Group Bhopal

Mr. Hitesh Batheja

Mr. Hitesh Batheja is a second generation entrepreneur known for his sharp business acumen and passion for construction business. He hails from an illustrious family of accomplished business men who dominated the whole sale market of Bhopal in Electricals, Electronics & Cosmetics under the brand "Lucky".

He graduated from Bhopal School of Social Sciences & was in the family business from a very young age. He later went on to establish his own construction company called Harshit Infra & later joined the Signature Group as a Director. As a Director of Western Group, his role is to ensure that the very best in the market is procured at the most reasonable price & the advantage is passed on to the customers. This acquired wisdom keeps the cost of Western Projects low & makes the projects affordable for the common man. He has earned the reputation of being a "Tough Negotiator" thereby saving money for the company while offering the very best to the customers. A polite man who knows the value of money & appreciates quality, he inspires many in his age group with his positivity & charm. His teaming up with Mr. Raju in Western Group has augmented the Board & synergized the individual strengths as a force to reckon with in the complex world of business.

Western Group Bhopal

Mr. Perumal Raju

Mr. Perumal Raju, a Civil Engineer by qualification was born and brought up in Bhopal. His passion with his chosen field was so intense that he began his own consultancy and execution firm and helped people build their dream homes.In the year 2000, he registered his partnership firm called "Swadesh Developers and Builders" which went on to make one of the finest gated communities known as "Palace Orchards" off Kolar Road. Palace Orchards has over 450 families residing in a beautifully crafted community, spread over 21 Acres of land with over 375 bungalows and 75 Flats. He takes pride in his creation and has chosen this as the address for M/S Western Group. The residents of the community continue to inspire him with new ideas of good and logical homes. Being a first generation entrepreneur, he strives hard to ensure that each buyer is happy even after years of purchase.

In the year 2010, Mr. Perumal Raju launched M/S Signature Group and is a Director for the group which has several projects under execution and at different stages. His dream to construct Madhya Pradesh's first Green Tech homes which would be digitally enabled led to formation of M/S Western Group under brand "Western Court" and "Western Courtyard". He strongly believes that each home made by him should have a distinct personality reflecting the persona of the occupant. Being an engineer, he has been able to keep the cost low despite making Eco-friendly homes. He has already planned for several such communities and gearing up for the challenge “Gen-Next” homes at an affordable price.

The board is engaged in all aspects of company's business and lends precious knowledge and unwavering dedication to its employees and clientele alike.