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Global warming has impacted us all in many adverse ways leading to uncontrolled pollution, diseases, soaring temperatures and lesser agricultural output resulting in a steep price witnessed over last 2 decades in all sectors. The situation is alarming and needs immediate attention. Carbon Di Oxide and Methane are two major challenges we need to face while we wage a war against Global Warming. Most of our activities require electricity in one or other form which leads to burning of fossil fuel thereby leading to a greater and graver concern by continuous discharge of Carbon Di Oxide and other pollutants. Improperly handled Organic waste further worsens the situation by adding Methane in the atmosphere leading to a greater mess for the planet. Western Group has taken a note of this and has adopted the construction wisdom of our ancestors and Eco-friendly construction material of new age thereby offering homes with low carbon footprint at a lower cost.

Our ancestors studied and understood the impact of Solar Path on the house and made houses which were well lit by natural light from dawn to dusk. They also studied the movement of wind in the given area to ensure that their homes were well ventilated. These homes had the optimum light and ventilation during all seasons round the year until life time of constructed home. The construction material also was carefully chosen to prevent the impact of different seasons on their homes.

Our specifications and designs offer

  • Foam bricks offer relatively a much higher compressive strength, better thermal insulation and much lower porosity as a result of which the homes are not only stronger but also are resistant to extreme weather conditions.
  • Low VOC paints are eco-friendly water based paints which do not emit organic fumes thereby making air healthier and cleaner.
  • Commercial Flush doors are not only eco-friendly but also economical but offer superior strength.
  • LED bulbs in the common areas not only reduce the carbon footprint but also offer a much lower maintenance cost to the residents of the community.
  • The meticulously designed Sewerage Disposal System reduces the Methane emission thereby protecting us from the diseases.
  • The building orientation is so designed that from dawn to dusk, most of the areas in the house is naturally lit thereby reducing the cost of electricity.
  • The superior construction material, meticulous floor plan, the size and height of windows and ventilators save the cost yet again cooling/ heating the house in different weathers.
  • The double height design of the Duplexes offer the much needed additional air pocket which offers better thermal insulation and thereby reducing the cost incurred on electricity and also reduce the carbon footprint
  • The parks and green-scaped areas offer the oxy-rich environment needed for elevated life style and offers much higher quality of life style.
  • Absence of high compound walls adds to better ventilation by allowing the air to flow free and unhindered.
Western Courtyard and Western Court offers the best of both the worlds, at a lower cost.